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product catalogs, september 2011
Magnum product catalogs
Product catalog. Design, photography and prepress. Client: DSB

catalogs showcasing the wide range of Magnum's products​​​​​​​

The wide range of products under the brand of Magnum cannot possibly be displayed through samples, which warranted the creation of product catalogs as the key advertisement and sales tool. This brand’s established identity made the task seemingly simple, but we got a reality check as it proved not to be the case.

We put a lot of effort into specialized photography and thorough image processing with exceptional attention to detail. That work took literally months, but the outcome was worth it: in addition to the professional-looking catalogs, our hard work took the physical form of advertising materials and website for the brand. So, the clever English adage “I’m not rich enough to buy cheap” once again proved true.

Various product catalogs​​​​​​​

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