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Lactofol Botanica

packaging design, december 2013
LActofol Grass seeds packaging. Design and prepress. Client: GBM commerce
Grass seeds packaging. Design and prepress. Client: GBM commerce


The packaging range for the Lactofol Botanica grass-seed mixtures was the epitome of perfection. In a nutshell: “Nothing in excess!” The packaging’s design helped Lactofol build on its brand identity.

The name of each grass-seed mixture refers directly to its intended use. Brand and product description both stand out against the dark and smooth background, which also effectively draws the viewer’s eye to the illustration of product application. Mandatory elements here are the directions for use, which are harmoniously combined with the product’s weight info. Aside from composition and color palette, the linchpin of the whole packaging was the stylized grass image, which, as it will become evident from the next packagings, builds on the brand’s identity regardless of product size, technology and execution.



The back and the pages of the packaging contain broad spaces offering comprehensive information on the content, application and manufacturer of the product.


Apart from the regular 1-kilogram (2 lbs) bag, the design was also adapted to the 500-gram (1/2 lbs) bag, virtually without any changes or compromise made.





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