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Lactima Balkan Yogurt

packaging redesign, october 2014
Dairy products redesign. Client: Lactima Balkan
Dairy products redesign. Client: Lactima Balkan


Lactima Balkan 3,6%

Originally, Lactima had commissioned us the task of total rebranding. After a series of meetings, we arrived to the conclusion that the logo and current concept of the packaging would not lose relevance any time soon, so all they needed was a touch-up, which started with redesigning the logo. We planned for potential technological issues occurring during printing, considered the preferences of distributors and the competitive environment, and only then did we start designing the packaging. We swapped the places of colored and white spaces, which helped us overcome some printing hurdles. The colored space turned out to be just what the doctor ordered – a perfect background for the logo and a clear indication of the product's quality. We chose suitable positions for the slogan “Masters of dairy”, and the mandatory indicators and details. There were slight differences between the design of different-sized packages.

Next came color separation and prepress. And this is where a designer’s work normally ends. But we consider our job done only after the packaging has been actually produced. We struggled with the printing agency for a good month. There was a clash between their rigid work routine and limitations of technology, on the one hand, and our intuition and in-depth knowledge of the printing process, on the other. In the end, we finally got them to understand what outcome we were striving for and the way to achieve it. It would be hard to say what made us happier: was it the packaging and its aesthetics, the technicians’ moment of epiphany “Okay, now we finally get what it was supposed to look like!”, or, perhaps, the printers’ eagerness to print the next packaging batch? Probably the best feeling of all is knowing that you've got the job done: an increase in the sales of the new packaging ranging from 20 to 400% within the range of products.

Lactima Balkan 400 g

Lactima Balkan


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