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graphic mark, logotype, december 2011
Graphic mark, logotype and document stamp
Vega Finans Konsult

Vega Finans Konsult Logo​​​​​​​Along the way of registering his company, the client stopped by out studio to drop a task - logo design. There was a smile on our faces, not because of the new project, but because of the fact that along with initial investments, and brand registration costs, the client had set aside resources for the corporate design. Creating the logo was a must. To wrap up the documents, the client needed a stamp, and the stamp is a crucial part of a companies' visual identity, and what good is a visual identity without a graphic mark.

Alternative composition and short version

Not only because if the short deadline, but also because of clients' requirements, we decided to develop the logotype based on a standard font - Myriad Pro.

Cyrillic version

In most cases developing the logotype in Cyrillic is mandatory.



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