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For these references, we turned to our clients. Our only request was that they write them in their own words. The topic: Why and How they work with us; all the upsides and downsides, anything and everything they have to say. The reviews have not been edited.



We have been working with No Comment Group for as long as we have been in business. And we continue to be in business because we work with No Comment Group.

We at GBM produce and distribute garden supplies for modern commercial channels. It’s a multifaceted process that takes much thought, logic and knowing your clients well in order to create that one packaging that looks good sitting on the shelf in a store, somewhere in the world. We couldn’t possibly sell well unless our packaging was created by people who think like artists, designers, market experts, psychologists, salespeople and, last but not least – consumers, all at the same time. It takes a lot of experience and a good dose of flair to create a tasteful product, and not another tacky eyesore. Behind the simple, cool, intuitive and, at the same time, eye-catching products on the shelves, there are long hours of puzzling over ideas, playing out various scenarios, changed colours, pictogrammes, fonts, texts... and just like that, 10 years have gone by, during which time No Comment Group and GBM found their permanent spot on supermarket shelves across Bulgaria.

We are beyond happy that No Comment Group are helping us sell products that we like and would like to buy ourselves!

None of this would have been possible, if Sasho and Asen weren’t such multitasking machines with a large capacity, rich set of skills and lifelong guarantee!

Boryana Mihaylova
​​​​​​​GBM Commerce



I never thought it would be this hard to answer the questions “Why” and “How”do you work with somebody. I have managed to sum up the following:

First of all, I enjoy working with you because when you share your ideas, I know that you won't simply illustrate them, but you will develop it in such a way that not only will it be likeable, but also get the job done – that is to reach the right people in the right way.

Second, I enjoy working with you because you are genuinely interested in the job and show enthusiasm (even if there isn’t much of it).

And third, I love working with you because you have been patient enough to teach me how not to waste your time, nor my own time. In other words, you are effective

To the question HOW I work with you, I will keep the answer to myself. That’s my own KNOW-HOW (and a novel-worthy idea), but if anyone is really curious, I will give you a little hint – A bit of vodka never hurt anybody!

Svetla Tihova
​​​​​​​ISV Design



With designers from Glyph graphics and No Comment Group and particularly with Mr. Asen Baramov we are cooperating more than 12 years. In this period we developed together many new packagings, brands and sub-brands for our products and services.

Our cooperation with this team of high professionals is recipe for our success in FMCG. Successful cooperation will continue.

Gligor Cvetanov
Makprogres doo



When Sasho and Asen asked me to write a reference, I thought that the standard references I write for my partners somehow won’t be right for them. Somehow they aren't relevant, something is off. I sat down and jotted down a few words off the top of my head about our collaboration. And .... I would like to offer you an unusual reference:

NO COMMENT GROUP - key words:

Trust me when I say that behind every word there are feelings, conversations, banter, work, ideas, debates. I believe these words represent our relationship and work, our mutual projects and ideas. They show how a slight hint, dropped in a conversation, can grow into an idea, which they then express with all the right words, colours, graphics and composition. And then that idea finds its real-time application in accordance with the assigned task. How they pay attention even to the tiniest details, which we, as assignors, often consider insignificant. What I like about them is the fact that they have their own take on things, that they give unconventional ideas, that they urge you to share your actual goals and state what you want to get out of a project.

And finally – their slogan verbalizes what you can really expect from your collaboration – don't PANIC! Don't panic, there’s always a solution.

Valentina Prisova
​​​​​​​Holiday Craft EOOD



Only one thing can be said about NOCOMMENTGROUP’s work:


To put it into more words...

If you ever need knowledgeable, capable and CLEVER people to really dig into your tiny little question or massive issue :) – they are the right people. Even if you are not really sure what you want from them (you just know that it’s time to get a new brand, new image, new strategy...) – again, they are the right people. They have been and still are invaluable for our company!

Tatyana Mihaylova, Radoslav Mihaylov Lactofol AD