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Alexander for some, Alex for others, and also known as Sasho, yet again one and the same guy who even has his own birth date, is the common denominator for a bunch of nicknames.

Ever since the last century I have been solving problems and creating opportunities for development for various companies and their goods and services by providing graphic design as the final phase of a process, originally involving psychology, drawing, photography, and further – management, organisation, inventing, improving, optimising, developing, enhancing, coordinating, negotiating, monitoring, assessing...



Over time I learned that if I want something to be done the way I like it, I have to do it myself. This is exactly what inspired the creation of our studio, which somehow gradually turned into our No Comment Group.

My engineering degree couldn't stop me from pursuing my favourite hobbies: design, design and DTP, flying, photography, design, reading, design, reading, design, climbing, design and interaction with customers, design ...again and again.



A young addition to the studio’s team. I am working to raise my skills and knowledge up to the level of my ambitions.