Our goals are:

  • Partnerships based on mutual respect.

  • Successful and high-quality design.

  • Fast and clear communication.


Task assignment:

A project is assigned with a specific Creative Brief that emphasizes on particular goals and technical parameters of the project, target market and communication channel.


Project Accomplishment:

Usually, we create two or three design versions. Among them, the client can chose his/her best one. If the projects do not satisfy our client's needs, we offer new ones in a week. 

If our creations do not meet the client's expectations again, then we consider that either our style does not match the client's one or the task was not assigned appropriately. In the first case, the client does not owe anything to our studio and the projects remain our property. In the second case, the client has to pay for the work that was done by then and prepares a new Creative Brief.

The client is required to present the specific materials and texts that are needed for the final version of the design.

The client's comments count as reasonable when they are in connection to his/her trade or manufacture practice. The studio has the right to accept and reject remarks when they are (not) practical.

The final versions of the projects are presented to the client for approval and final revisions. The client receives the approved files on a CD or via the Internet.



The average timing of project completion is two weeks after receiving the task. We accept certain cases as Emergency Design ones. In this case, we have a week to finish the project. 

The client has a week to pay an invoice. If the client systematically does not pay on time, then he/she has to pay as soon as he/she receives the final version of a project. If the client is on-time with payments, he/she can receive preferential conditions, for instance, price discount or higher priority of his/her projects.



We are capable of offering concrete timing and prices after receiving the Creative Brief. After the project is accomplished, we provide the client with a price that is broken down into different activities.

If the project takes more than 3 months (due to reasons that do not depend on us), we present to the client a calculation for the job done. The prices are ordered in a Cost estimate and are subject to change.



We prefer e-mails. In emergency cases, we use phones.

Communication plays a crucial part in our mutual work and we expect comments on each stage of the project.


Privacy terms

Any information or materials concerning the completion of a given project are private. The studio has the right to use the projects for its portfolio and publish them after the initial production and release of the product.

In case the clients are interested, they can receive a special password on their server, where they can download current projects.