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The Wow effect case study
Development of Amino Expert and Helasol. Client: Ecofol​​​​​​​

Towards the end of 2015, Tatyana and Radi from Ecofol entered our studio with the words “We've got an idea!”. In fact, the new products’ development was already afoot, but the missing piece was the concept of how to position and combine them with the Lactofol fertilizers already on the market. Together, we got down to work.

And while the general concept and direction of product appearance were coming together, meetings and discussions of each occurring problem were taking place. Based on our own strengths and skill set, we made our contribution to the face of the new range – its personal touch and unique identity, the effect it would achieve on the consumers’ subconscious. The process, which began with the simple “We’ve got an idea!”, entered into the stage of logistics and tight deadlines. There came the first suggestions about the brands’ graphic representation. Those fertilizers’ characteristic feature was the use of amino acids and helatized microelements and the combination of science and technology to create an innovative product. That also inspired the visual concept for the Amino Expert and Helasol labels and advertising materials, until early one evening we received an email: “We are thrilled!!!! Talk about the flaws another time”. And a photo of a team's glowing happy faces.

Development of Amino Expert and Helasol. Client: Ecofol


“Wow! And how are we supposed to keep our sales now?” is a form of praise itself that came from a competitor. It didn’t take much longer for Ecofol’s newly developed product to gain official recognition. Once again – with audio and video. His Honour, the Market, pronounced its verdict – the range of products keeps expanding and has already crossed the borders of Bulgaria, which is proof of a job well done.

What that campaign was like for us, in a nutshell: we had the pleasure of working together with a positive, competent, dynamic and enthusiastic team that had developed and integrated a full range of innovative products. We had the pleasure to contribute to the prosperity of good people and a good idea. What a blessing!


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