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Trademark, and packaging from A to Z. 

The Natura project was in the limelight of our studio in 2013. We have designed hundreds of brands and thousands of packagings, but for that project we had to invest the full extent of our expertise. It actually showed us what we are capable of and how we could improve our work. This publication is in breach of our studio’s unwritten rule to display only final and publicly disclosed projects on our website. It’s sole purpose is: to show what is really hidden behind every single “picture” in the Portfolio – tireless creative work.



A project begins with research: current status on the market, development dynamics, competitors, product qualities and advantages. We get an idea, albeit quite vague, of what the future brand is to look like. The idea is based on intuition, hunches and our sense of design. That idea is what the designer goes to bed with and wakes up to, it is there when he is walking down the street or putting gas in his car.  Designs are thought of in images; this is why designers doodle and draw until every concept is either rejected or has found its charm, that unique feature which makes it worthy of competing against the rest.

logo design process

At this stage, suggestions are not final and they don't reach the client. The key here is to find what is leading and outstanding about the concept. Once we start working on the version that will be presented to the clients, that’s a whole other process. There’s no room for compromise. Not only is it proof of professional ethics, but also necessary due to the simple fact that our clients are experts in their own field, but they’re not design experts, so we can't expect them to share and possess the required know-how and skills. As the groundwork of creative projects is laid down, the first phase of the project presenting all brand options is completed.

logo design finished concepts

No matter how detailed the instructions were, no matter how thorough the research and market forecasts were, every new product and brand are a step into the unknown. This is why the designer must give the client as clear of a concept as possible, so that the client can make a well-informed and reasonable choice. To this aim, we applied the future Natura brand candidates to similar products of competitor brands. The brands that made it to the second round were tested on the packaging of similar products, so that the client could gain some insight into the future and visualize how his brand would look on real packaging on store shelves. At this point, the ideas have matured and undergone a series of discussions, changes and alterations.

design concepts exploration

Over the course of our practical work, we have arrived to the conclusion that discussions of the concepts take about as long as their creation does. And that's not a waste of time: this is when experts from different fields assess the designs from their own perspective. This is when production and technological issues are figured out and resolved, then the distribution strategy is determined. Each of these factors has an impact on the choice and suggests corrections of the brand.

The outcome of a social-trends study, business tactics, planning, technological implementation and creativity are what constitute the final brand. Once approved, it becomes our command.

the chosen Natura trademark design



The Natura project has clearly defined groups of various projects from the very start.

Generally, the products fell under the category of “healthy foods” – a sector which has shown a continuing rising trend over the last few years and which thrums with potential; on the one hand, this is thanks to the evident health benefits of consuming such foods, and on the other, due to the shift in social attitudes in favour of a healthier lifestyle. Makprogres were set on making the most of that trend and contributing to society’s well-being with their tradition of making good-quality products and high competitiveness.

The wide variety of products under the Natura brand stems from the client’s intent to enter the market, targeting the mass consumer. This also helped reduce the initial costs on advertisement and can quickly build a large circle of loyal customers.

Natura products’ initial target group consisted of educated people, at an active age, without any restrictions to gender; living in the big cities where most of the country’s population is saturated. The products were intended both for the national Macedonian markets and international markets, mostly – former Yugoslavian republics and Europe.

Products under Natura’s brand are positioned in the mid to high price range while guaranteeing high-quality at the same time – in other words, Natura products are the “value for money” type of products. Designing Natura’s packaging is a challenging task because of all the contradictory requirements to be met:

  • printing on various materials and using various technologies;
  • strong brand belonging;
  • highly informative nature;
  • a vast range of products;
  • flashiness.


Our thorough early planning allowed us to avoid working in batches, and instead we got straight to creating an overall design concept for the packaging. Four concepts competed in the contest and each of them covered the full range of products and packaging types.

Development of chosen concept

Second packaging design batch

third design batch

muesli design packaging

Once a favourite was selected, we proceeded with specifying and outlining the details. Another package version was tested to assure the client that the right choice had been made.

muesli, corn flakes, dried fruits, packaging design

We focused on the main colour ranges and unique look of the package series.

color gamma development

color gamma development version two

color gamma development version three

color gamma development version four

Another major issue we stumbled upon was how to create a strong identity of the packaging and make it stand out from competitor products, while also keeping Natura's different products easily recognizable.

color gamma development

color gamma development rice cakes

The further the project progressed, the finer the adjustments and changes to details, until, at one point, we said: “All right! We are working on version 51, option 4” and thus submitted the first order for specific packaging, with precise dimensions, layout, parameters, text and costs. This is the moment when packaging design transitions from a graphic concept into a real product. And just then we were told that the texts describing the benefits of the products were too lengthy and required changes. The client and we both agreed on reducing text volume. That necessitated the creation of additional graphic symbols and components and we managed to meet that need – the concept’s bare bones were padded with the flesh and muscles of its real-time implementation.

final adjustments and details refinement

The Natura muesli boxes started appearing one after another, together with the following packages:

  • Natura dried fruits
  • Muesli with tropical fruits
  • Natura extruded cereals
  • Natura cereals
  • Natura seeds
  • Natura cornflakes


And the outcome:

“During this year, Makprogres is planning to make an additional investment in Natura products of another one million euros in expanding the capacity and range of products. We plan to place the brand in foreign markets where Makprogres is represented in 42 countries. The products stand out in terms of design and packaging and we have already been nominated for the award of the former Yugoslav republics for them,” said Gligor Tsvetanov, CEO of Makprogres.


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