A new country, new people, new friends. Dubai. Task: We want a corporate style. The graphic sign of our company does not have to be like the ones you can see on the web (we did not get that). We have to be able to use it on different materials and surfaces (yeah, we heard about the Internet). There should be gold in it (we added wine). We need a mixture of the letters W and S (we did not do that). We have to add a flower to it - a tulip (we created it from the letters). We have to show the city (we showed it together with the sidewalk on the opposite of our office). We love clients who know what they want and how to get it. That is why we decided to participate in this "game". Just for fun...

We gave them all they needed to have. They can use it on a piece of jewelry. A graphic sign with no color, volume, shades or thin lines.

We gave them more than they needed. A logotype with a joke. We demonstrated that when we do something for pleasure and under no pressure, we create masterpieces.

All of the accidental materials were accepted with no rebukes. That is what we call a good job!


Благодариха ни с липсата на коментар за цената и с две кратки изречения: „Получихме точно това, което трябва. Не си представяхме, че е възможно.“


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