Prestige-96 Ltd. is a leading Bulgarian confectionery producer. Ten years ago, we created the first logotype of the company. This time our mission was to bring the company's overall vision up to date.

The main requirement of the client for this project was to keep the red padding under the logotype. We also had to soften a bit the heavy logotype, modernize it and at the same time keep the main parameters of the typeface.

We added some wavy shapes to support the graphic sign of the company, while we were working on Prestige's overall corporate vision and accidental materials.

Envelopes in different formats and for specific purposes, as well as professional business cards, are an obligatory element of Prestige's corporate style.

The project also included preparation of corporate folders for offers, contracts and official correspondency. In addition, we designed CDs and the CD covers which provided the company with the opportunity to present its products by using a variety of multimedia programs.

Since Prestige had a wide range of motor vehicles, our team chose a very emotional color solution for the corporate image of their automobile park.


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