Lactofol's trademark was designed for the purpose of being an inseparable part of Ecofol JSC's corporate style. The risk of creating a brand new concept was minimized by the distinguishability of the producer's trademark and products as well the feeling of trust towards the company.

We also created a Latin version to serve export purposes.

The individual typeface was combined with the graphic element in such a way as to allow their separate usage if needed. The only reminder of the old trademark was the color of the logotype.

The main graphic form used in the trademark simultaneously created the idea of a drop and a leaf. It was used as a supporting element in the overall corporate style of Ecofol and Lactofol.

In addition to the main supporting materials, we designed a working folder for invoices, certificates and other type of documentation.

The use of a similar graphic concept in the accidental materials creates a united emotional perception and simultaneously separation of customers' trust for the products' quality and big traders' trust for the production capacity of the factory.

For the specific needs of the company, we created a special Brand Book. It described in details the trademark development, the specifics of composition and color choice, the main documents and the supporting elements as part of the corporate style.


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