The design of Ecofol JSC's corporate style was a great logistics exercise. It was closely related to the modernization of the trademark of Laktofol and the connection between the trademark and the manufacturer's name. The initial idea of the client was simply to modernize the company's trademark. Luckily, after a while we reached the conclusion that they needed a brand new graphic sign and logotype that would keep the main color characteristics.

The typeface (in both Cyrillic and Latin) was designed on the basis of Grotesk - a classic typeface with a clear outlook that is readable in different sizes and easy to use on different types of advertising materials.

When registering the graphic sign and the logotype, we used their black and white positive versions. In this way, we created a diversification option.

The trademark is designed in such a way as to allow the use of its negative version as well.

When used on the accidental materials (business cards, forms, envelopes, folders), the sign supports the connection between the graphic styles of both Ecofol and Laktofol.

The clear and correct graphics of the trademark and its distinguishability allow the use of alternative colors. The three color groups support the creation of the needed marketing policy in different directions. 

In addition to the design of Ecofol's graphic sign, individual typeface and accidental materials, we created a special corporate style handbook.


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