The life cycle of “Chocola” started as a brand in the sphere of cocoa and hazelnut cream in the low-price market segment. The product and its package turned out to be extremely successful not only in Macedonia, but also in Europe. This immediately sent the product to the middle-price segment.
Under the same brand, the company released a new product with three different flavors that was a great additive to ice cream and other sweet products.

Our studio created a series of stickers and contra-stickers for the new products. During the process, we also had to make some changes in the color outlook and design of the product's cap and bottle.

We created two types of packages — for 350 grams of product and for 1 kilogram of product. We kept the size of the cap and the color of the bottle in both sizes and combined it with appropriate colors and motifs on the sticker. This made the package very distinguishable and related to the well-known “Chocola” cream.

The chocolate flavor also found its adequate place in the product line.


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