Aldes Property consultant agency has managed to create high standards in terms of customer service. The company deals with buying and selling properties and intermediation in this sphere, marketing researches and analyses of the real estate market, evaluation and management of real estates, consulting services and others that have to do with finding, offering and renting real estate properties.

The main requirement of the client for this project was to differentiate their trademark from the image of houses and roofs on top of the corporate signs that has become very popular in this branch lately. At the same time, they wanted to keep the very idea of houses and roofs.

The accidental materials (forms, business cards and envelopes) as part of the corporate identity are clearly distinguishable both in Cyrillic and Latin due to their colorful outlook.

The use of light green and Cyrillic for the regional structures and properties is in contrast with the dark green which stands for the company's international projects.

The folder is projected in such a way in order to separate the official documents, letters  and contracts with sizes 21x29.7 cm from the advertising flyers for the additional applications with sizes 11x29.7 cm.


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