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In addition to the problems and difficulties on the road, traffic officers deserve holidays. The event in whose organization we took part can be described with the following words - gathering, competition, awards, professional contacts with colleagues, friends and journalists.
For several years, we have been supporting the capital department of Traffic Police with what we know and can do. As co-organizers of the competition, we took care of the advertising materials' design and preprint. Despite the restricted budget, this competition turned out to be successful again.


The main graphic design idea of the event was implemented in the poster of the competition. The creation of the website and the brochure were the second step in the event's organization.

We also had to design and print the invitations for the event which came together with branded t-shirts and baseball hats.

We projected also banners, information signs, badges for guests and competitors, diplomas for the winners, internet banners, letters of gratitude for everybody who supported the cause, as well as other materials in support of the event.

Below are shown photos from the event itself. Our hard work was rewarded with a lot of games and fun!



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