NO COMMENT GROUP unites different people and studios that work in the sphere of visual communication. Our goal is to provide benefits to our clients by enlarging their business and influence on the market. We achieve our goals due to:

  • perfect knowledge of the technological processes;
  • many years of work in the sphere of graphic design;
  • understanding of the needs of our clients and the society;
  • clear communication.

In the times of Chinese clothing and Google as a human brain substitute, NO COMMENT GROUP knows that the optimal result can be achieved by a clearly addressed message. That is why our decisions are in accordance with certain circumstances. Our uniqueness is a result of maximum efficiency.

  • We have to admit that we have several weaknesses:
  • We do not believe that "The client is always right."
  • We do not give answers connected to our clients who are your competitors.
  • We give advices hat can change you and at the same time make you think more carefully. Expect provocations! Provocations are useful, but unpleasant. Expect the unpleasant!
  • ...